K.O. Album VINYL

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Das Album „K.O.“ auf Vinyl


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It’s done. K.O.
The stickiness kreeps out of the studio window. All inspiration is bundled. What stays is the trash on the carpet, the coffee cups and a last sunbeam, which is entering the scene on that late summer day. Two guys knocking with theirs feet on the floor. You see them smile. The first album of Kollektiv Ost is ready to enter the club.

We are listening to 12 tracks filled with emotions and with a wide view on electronic music. All songs are fun and straddle a few genres without sounding cheap. “K.O.“ is like a perfect soundtrack, starting with wild and deep claps in “Shanti“, switching to a melodic “Slow Me Down“, breaking the silence with a tech number like „ Da Thong“. Everything is in a flow, the vocals are sparely but on the right point.

German based Sandro Schäufler and Marcel Schulz used the energy from two different worlds to bring on that album, which is simply fresh. One of them lives in the capital of Techno, in a crazy and loud world, where music is like a pulse rate – Berlin. Meanwhile Sandro stays in his native country with a view on lakes, trees, untouched nature and many moments of total silence. And that is, what you are hearing in songs like „Winter Game“ or „Not Yet“. It is a mixture of influences, well balanced and gently brought to the peak.

First of all, let’s clean up. Close the window, take your time. Go out, find your way into the club. Breath in deeply and then, come with us into a world full of synthetic lights and timeless moments. Have a look on the stage, where two guys knocking with theirs feet on the floor. You see them smile. “K.O.“- It’s done.