The Plastic City Radio Show for the 4th season is mixed by Berlin based artist Lukas Greenberg. His two Plastic City albums „Rhode‘ Stories“ and „Prisoner With A Key“ were extremely good mixtures of House, Jazz and Soul and recieved high attention by critics, Djs and fans. His latest releases were published as mp3 downloads on „Plastic City. Play“ as they are the remix album „Prisoner In A Club“ and the mp3 EP’s „Down The Drain“ and „Attention Musique“. His Dj skillz took him around the world and his taste in music his on high level.

With his new and fresh DJ set for the Plastic City Radio Show he is growing up from nice underground tunes at the beginning to more progressive techhouse tracks in the middle and a bit calmer at the end. The mixture of the tracks is well balanced and at every part of the mix you feel Lukas Greenberg’s spirit between the beats an basses. Tracks from Aki Bergen & Neuroxyde, Dejan Milicevic, Cosmic Cowboys, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Kollektiv Ost, Tojami Sessions or Andreas Henneberg are the best way to convince people that dancing is the best behaviour for coming through the summer!